Case Study

Ben Ricketts

Director and Wealth Srategist
at Rocket Wealth Management

Ben Ricketts is the director and wealth strategist of Rocket Wealth Management. He runs a holistic financial planning company that has financial planning and a mortgage broking division. 

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Prior to engaging with Koruna Assist, Ben has tried to get help remotely. They had good and bad experiences and the bad experience made Ben very hesitant to try going offshore again. But after a conversation with Koruna Assist with a few assurances on the recruiting process and on the actual process, they ended up going forward. 


There was a large admin backlog with Ben and other Rocket Wealth Advisers. They would go into meetings and come out with more admin work than what they had to do. This resulted in lower client satisfaction because they weren’t giving the service that they were supposed to give to their clients. Ben knew he had to do something to take off the weight on his team’s shoulders and lucky for him, he knew someone in his network that knows exactly how to help him, Petra, the founder and CEO of Koruna Assist.

“It was life-changing when our VA started and when she got up to speed. It was a real game-changer for me. My stress load is not coming in so much.”

The Greatest Value

Having Koruna Assist as Rocket Wealth Management’s outsourcing partner has been a game-changer for Ben. Not only did it free up his time and get the heavy lifting off his shoulders, but it also allowed Rocket Wealth Management to reach a new level of profitability and productivity.

“We have so much more capacity to bring on more clients and deliver better services to our clients which means that we’ve been able to offer them a more premium service offering. That means that there are more premium service packages which have increased our revenue.”

What Can Ben Say To Other Financial Advisory Business Owners
Out There Considering To Outsource With Koruna Assist?

“I think the main thing is it can be difficult through the mental barrier of outsourcing tasks particularly if you’re used to having somebody working next to you. And I think what I would say is to challenge that and try to push through it because that could be the thing that’s holding your business back. 

Outsourcing is a very broad term and it can mean a lot of things. But I think if I was specifically looking at working with Koruna Assist, they should feel quite confident in that process. There’s a good training process and even though they weren’t my thing they never fire away.”