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Boost Your Broking Business by 40% by increasing the efficiency of your VA

Your VA can do more ~ Find out how!

Are you constantly battling with the clock, feeling overwhelmed with admin tasks, and struggling to find a work-life balance? You have your admin supported by a VA, but all those tasks such as marketing, client emails, social media, reaching out and building your referral network may become time-consuming, even though they could turn into revenue and sales.

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How can you find more time if your VA is already taking the low-value tasks?

The solution: upskilling your VA in areas you are spending time whilst also leveraging technology and AI. Think of client presentations, B2B proposals, social media posts, email marketing, and even SEO or Google Ads, all managed by your VA. No need to continue investing in separate services which may shrink your profit margins

Your VA is your ticket to business growth, and this guide explores the ways you can start

In this must-read guide, we deep dive into a time assessment for both you and your VA, and then look at ways to identify opportunities for upskilling and training.

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As a specialist in the Broker and Financial Planning industry, we know the challenges of growing a business, which is why we have put together this guide. The industry over the last year has changed, and so has the market, financial planners need to think smarter, work smarter and unlock the skills within their existing team.

At Koruna Assist we work with growth-minded Financial Planners, to unlock scalability and profitability in their business. Hear what our clients have to say

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