Financial advisors and brokers are facing an increasing demand for their services whilst dealing with increased competition.

But how can you juggle working both IN and ON your business to keep it alive and thriving? This is where Koruna Assist comes in.

Find out how we help financial business owners free up their time and optimise their business workflow.

Jackson Millan

Jackson, also known as The Wealth Mentor, is the co-founder and CEO of Aureus Financial. They are a wealth education and coaching business working with service-based business owners to help them remove their cash flow bottlenecks and turn their business profits into personal wealth.

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown is a Director and Senior Mortgage Broker at New Vision Financial Services. He runs a Sydney-based mortgage brokerage that’s servicing clients since 2015.

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Ben Ricketts

Ben Ricketts is the director and wealth strategist of Rocket Wealth Management. He runs a holistic financial planning company that has financial planning and a mortgage broking division.

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Rachael Hunter

Rachael Hunter is a mortgage broker who’s passionate about helping people and leaving a positive impact on them with good mortgage advice. Her business, Argentium Finance, focuses on helping divorcees get back on their feet financially.

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Ronald Pratap

Ronald Pratap runs a wealth management company, RP Wealth Management. His business helps clients invest, protect, and enjoy their wealth.

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Sam Panetta

Sam Panetta is a co-founder and the head of the lending department at Aureus Financial. His business helps clients get the funding that they need to grow their business, acquire their dream home and build wealth through property.

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Neil Sonneveld

Neil Sonneveld runs a financial planning business called Mansfield Financial Planning. His business specialises in the retirement space and serves a high-touch service to their clients.

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James Menezies

James Menezies is the managing director of Wealth Collective. They have been up and running well since 2016. They help clients reach financial success with unbiased tailored financial advice.

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