We help business owners free up time and optimise their workflow.

Financial advisors, brokers, business owners are facing an increasing demand for their services whilst dealing with increased competition.

Sharing the Wins

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Jackson Millan

Co-Founder and CEO at Aureus Financial

Petra and the team at Koruna Assist have helped us revolutionize our back office and provide us with the capacity to scale our business quickly and effectively.

Chris Brown

Director and Senior Mortgage Broker at New Vision Financial Services

Do it! And look for somebody who has a reputation of results, processes, and accountability, and Koruna Assist has all of that!

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I have engaged Petra to help take my business to the next level. Her ability to provide solutions and optimise my workflow has been fantastic. She is patient and very understanding and I can feel that she genuinely cares. You would be silly not to speak to Petra and the team at Koruna Assist. Would Recommend 10/10!!

- Jake Taylor

Director of Sterling Grange Financial Planning

Petra and her team are highly knowledgable in helping you with offshore staff members. Her workaround process mapping is second to none and could be implemented for local teams as well. Her staff are warm and friendly and came to me highly recommended.
I would inturn do the same

- Kevin Smith

Managing Owner of Pension Services

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Ben Ricketts

Director and Wealth Srategist at Rocket Wealth Management

Outsourcing is a very broad term and it can mean a lot of things. But I think if I was specifically looking at working with Koruna Assist, they should feel quite confident in that process.

Rachael Hunter

Mortgage Broker at Argentium Finance

Have a conversation with Koruna Assist to sort the things that you’re worried about, they’ll help you work through them with you. They’ll give you an understanding of what you need to do to free up your time.

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I am on the road and travelling around Australia and still running my business. I don’t know what I would do without my VA now. Her dedication and invaluable assistance have allowed me to achieve this.

- Kerry Mckenzie

Principal of KLM Finance

Overall has been positive, once you have the right person there isn’t too much that is needed. The team is very responsive whenever there are questions asked. Has been amazing, very grateful

- Tyron Tanti

Director of Tanti Financial Services

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Ronald Pratap

Founder of RP Wealth Management

Petra and her team have been a great addition to my Financial Planning business. Having my administration, document management and customer service handled by professionals allows me to not get bogged down and focus on new clients.

Sam Panetta

Co-Founder and Head of Lending Department at Aureus Financial

Petra is a phenomenal leader and Koruna is the best outsourcing firm in the industry. The growth we have achieved in our business could not have been done without the team at Koruna.

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Koruna Assist has a supportive culture based on good training and ongoing communication to nurture their VA’s. This results in a positive and friendly attitude from their VA’s, as well as a good work ethic and eagerness to learn.

- Jim Ridder

Mortgage Broker of Infocus

As a busy parent, juggling work and family responsibilities can be overwhelming. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Koruna Assist, a virtual assistant service that has been a game-changer for me. With their help, I’ve been able to streamline my admin tasks and free up precious time to spend with my loved ones.

- Kate McCoy

Director of Inside Out Games

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Neil Sonneveld

Founder of Mansfield Financial

Working with koruna Assist has clear benefits but you do need to put in time and energy for your outsourcing strategy to work. You have to tell them the process that you want them to follow, and then they’ll do it.

James Menezies

Managing Director of Wealth Collective

If you’re on it at least jump on a call or have a chat because for us it was quite eye-opening. It’s really nice to think about the way this business is structured.

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Qi Wealth has been using Koruna Assist for some time now and have been very impressed with the outcome and improvements to our workflows and administration. Petra has been brilliant in assisting our business and team to operate in a much more efficient manner. Very highly recommended!

- Jarrad Bleechmore

Director of Financial Services, Qi Wealth

Due to a significant change in my practice where I closed the office with in-house support staff I spent less time on admin than I do now.

However, having stated this there was always going to be a trade-off from having actual staff in the office to having a virtual staff member.

If it were not for my VA and her efficiency and solid support, I could not have made this change.

- John Carberry

Senior Financial Adviser of RI Advice

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Grace Taylor

Finance Broker of Taylored Finance Co

I have had a faultless experience with my VA, she has been a great asset to my business. She has helped give me back family time as well as keep my applications moving quickly through the systems.

Danielle Ridley

Director of Mortgage Finesse

Definitely an investment due to them being valuable team members in our business. We take the time to train them in our processes and systems and they have become wonderful operators.

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