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I have always had an interest in understanding what makes a business successful and why so many small businesses fail. I have found one of the main reasons it all comes down to TIME. So to help businesses I created this test, and so far we have seen business owners who have used this as their first step in growth, increase their business 2x

Did you know?

Nearly 48% of businesses fail in
the first 4 years

Why I should take the test?

From years of research, working in businesses, talking to business owners, and actually running a large business myself, I have the answer…take the test and find out.

If you’re reading this and you know you are trapped in this constant cycle of burning yourself to the ground, compromising family and your time, trying to keep afloat and doing it all, take the test and find out how you can change this!

Whether you have just started your business or established a growing and profitable business, there is always room to grow! Find out how by taking the test

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