We help time-poor SME owners remove the bottlenecks in their business

At our core, we’re a close group of people dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to our clients. We believe that making a positive difference inside and outside of our organization is important, which is why we ensure our employees are content, motivated, and have a support system.

Aside from our commitment to excellence, we are also deeply dedicated to making a positive impact in our community through annual outreach events. These activities serve as bonding opportunities for our team and enable us to meaningfully contribute to the world around us.

Our Story

Petra started life in a small town in the Czech Republic and always had a passion for adventure. Over the last decade Petra has worked to challenge the status quo and prove that there is no such thing as impossible. Speaking only a few words of English, she always dreamed of exploring the world to prove to herself that she was capable of anything she put her mind to.

At the age of 18 she moved to the UK to learn English and secure herself an office job in the centre of London. Petra started to learn that the back office of any organization is the life blood of the business and without it most would fail. With this in mind, Petra worked to master all areas of administration and back office support to understand what makes a business successful and why do so many small businesses fail.
In 2014 Petra moved to Australia to pursue her next adventure and challenged herself to master the accounting and advice industry after studying finance in London. In an age old industry, she started to see that most professional services organizations had inefficient back office solutions and many fell into the trap of only being able to deliver transactional services as they didn’t have the resources to provide more value to their customers.

Seeing the opportunity for businesses to do more for their clients, Petra developed her proprietary methodology ‘Koruna Assist’ which enabled her to work with a leading financial services franchise and allow them to scale their branch to number 1 rank in the country along with winning over 6 national awards and achieving over 400% growth over 3 years.

After proving her back office methodology, Petra decided to pursue her latest adventure to allow her to assist more businesses to remove their back office bottlenecks, deliver more value to their clients and create more profitable enterprises that give business owners more time to do what they love.

Local Business Awards Finalist 2023

Australian Small Business Awards Finalist 2023

Australian Women’s Small Business Awards Finalist 2022

Featured in Finance & Coffee

Featured in Feminessence Magazine 2022

Meet Our KA Team

Petra Novakova

Founder and CEO of Koruna Assist

Management Team

Jessica Timon

General Manager

Kharla Kae Duyongco

Operations Manager

Annmarie Doris Cerna

Human Resource Manager

Jeff Menesis Labrador

Cluster Manager

Sales Team

Andrew Wilson

Client Onboarding Specialist

Team Leaders

Reinz Mhark Canares

Team Leader –
Mortgage Broking

Daisy Mae Beldad

Team Leader –
Mortgage Broking

Zyra Macabulos

Team Leader –
Mortgage Broking

Hanne lyne Legaspina

Team Leader –
Mortgage Broking

Jilrose Berame

Team Leader –
Mortgage Broking

Jaylou Barbarona

Team Leader –
Mortgage Broking

Vanessa Resgonia

Team Leader –
Mortgage Broking

Jezeil Nazareno

Team Leader –
Mortgage Broking

Josephine Dacara

Team Leader –
Financial Planning

Annavie Balbona

Team Leader –
Financial Planning

Twinkle Cabahug

Team Leader –
Financial Planning

Airsea Estinor

Team Leader –
Financial Planning

Sales Team

Ali Dunphy

Business Development Manager

Human Resources

Chayra Estillore

Human Resource Supervisor

Justine Pacaña

Human Resource Compensation & Benefits/Administration

Deacent Tamarra

Human Resource Recruitment

Culture Team

Kareen Cortes

Culture Team Member

RJ Pampilo

Culture Team Member

Norben Lacandazo

Culture Team Member

KA Giving Back

#OurCommitment to Giving Back at Koruna Assist

At Koruna Assist, supporting our community is more than just a priority – it’s a passion. Every year, on our company anniversary, we’re thrilled to roll up our sleeves and take part in outreach programs that make a real difference in people’s lives.

We proudly partner with NGOs like SOS Children’s Village, Missionaries of the Poor, and Rise Above Foundation, to serve our community in meaningful and impactful ways.

For us, making a positive impact is at the very heart of our business. So we consider it a true privilege to give back to the people who inspire us every day. As we move forward, we’re excited to continue supporting our community in even more impactful ways.

KA Culture

Koruna Assist thrives on the relationships and connections we’ve built with our clients and team along the way. For us, our team members are just as essential to the success of our business as our clients are. Our team consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds but we set aside our differences to help and build each other up. The Koruna Assist Culture cultivates a positive work culture that encourages work-life balance, innovation, and strong friendship bonds amongst the team.

It has always been a great choice working with KA. KA really promotes work-life balance and great compensation you can’t imagine. The best part is you can spend your time with your family during Christmas and get paid at the same time. It has always been a privilege working with the awesome team.

- Mark Armenton

Not your normal BPO setup, with fantastic perks, benefits, and pay. The KA management listens to our needs and problems, and they always consider our proposals and respond as soon as possible. Thank you, P & KA, for assisting me in being the best version of myself at all times.

- Jeff Menesis Labrador

Glad to be associated with KA Family and look forward to working here for a long tenure. Thank you KA

- Twinkle Cabahug

A workplace where cultural diversity is highly accepted and employees are treated like family. There’s no place like KORUNA ASSIST

- Jo Dacara

KA has given me the opportunity to showcase my potential and create opportunities for me to grow and become a great finance professional.

- Rodjim Arriesgado

KA has a fun-working environment with a perfect work schedule. Management is impressive, they make sure employees are well taken care of. An ideal company to settle with. All the best, KA!

- Dee Emnace

I am very happy to be an employee of Koruna Assist, I didn’t regret for praying hard to become one. The support is exceptional. Though we are temporarily working from home, feels like we are right next to each other. In addition, the officers are always making sure everything is right and working well. Thank you so much P and to my KA Family!

- Airsea Estinor

Being a part of KA is rewarding. It’s a Great company to work with amazing people. They give employees a chance to experience Work-life balance. I’ve always enjoy the amazing Virtual Fun Friday activities with special give aways. I’ve also got the best team and Big Boss (Petra) to work with. #PROUDTOBELONG

- Daisy Mae Beldad

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