Case Study

Chris Brown

Director and Senior Mortgage Broker
at New Vision Financial Services

Chris Brown is a Director and Senior Mortgage Broker at New Vision Financial Services. He runs a Sydney based mortgage brokerage that’s servicing clients since 2015.

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Before working with Koruna Assist, Chris was spending a significant amount of time on low-value tasks. He was doing the day-to-day tasks of his business when he could better spend it on doing what he does best, meeting more clients and crafting a lending strategy with them. It got to the point where it was affecting the growth of his business and the quality of customer service that he was providing. He knew he had to do something different to continue to uphold their value proposition.

“I was spending a significant amount of time on what I would consider as low-value tasks; chasing documentation, sitting on the phone to lenders, and that was really affecting the growth of the business as well as the customer service that I was providing to my clients. And it was going to be at that point where I stayed on doing the same thing I kept doing it expecting for different results. And that’s why we’ve done this.”

Getting Low-value Tasks Off Your Plate

A lot of SME business owners tend to do everything in the business, thinking they are saving the business money from staff costs. But the reality is that doing low-value tasks on your own is going to weigh you down. Your time is better spent on working on strategies, coming up with new services, and working ON the business rather than not in it. Chris Brown knew this and decided to get in touch with Koruna Assist to get started on creating more free time by outsourcing his low-value tasks.

“I’ve been spending half of my day chasing documents from clients. And that was when I could’ve been productive by contacting new clients, lead generation, working on the business rather than in it, working on strategies or working some extra solutions for my clients, rather than just focusing on just 1 or 2 that I could work on I didn’t have the time in a day. There are not enough hours to work with my clients. So that was the real stumbling block for me.”

Seamless Onboarding Process

Like anybody else, Chris Brown had a lot of reservations when it comes to having an offshore staff member vs an in-house staff. His biggest concern was how will he onboard and train them to his systems and process when they are not sitting in the same office as he is. But once he went through the Koruna Assist discovery session with Petra and looked at all his business tasks in a 360 view, it became crystal clear on what he had to do.

“That was the biggest concern that I had. How am I going to take someone that is not in front of me every day and teach them the complexities of finance and what I need them to do? And with the internet and all the tools that you guys have created, it’s been seamless.”

The Greatest Value

Chris Brown sees a bright future ahead of him and his business. Working with Koruna Assist, allowed him to remove himself from the day-to-day tasks and work on growing and scaling his business. In the long term, Chris Brown will continue to grow his team offshore to help him and his inhouse staff to focus on business growth. He won’t be worrying about missing any deals with a customer service team taking his calls and responding to inquiries.

“In the long term, we’re going to continue to grow our team offshore. It’s going to allow us to focus on growth and it will allow me to focus on what I do best which is the acquisition of new clients, face to face strategy, or meeting with my BDMs and I guess running scenarios through them, asking assistance, leveraging the relationships that I have locally.”

What Can Chris Say To Other Financial Advisory Business Owners
Out There Considering To Outsource With Koruna Assist?

“Do it! And look for somebody who has a reputation of results, processes, and accountability, and Koruna Assist has all of that! You’ve brought a systematized process for the recruitment, and a systemized process for the onboarding. And that’s the thing that really shines through, they’re not working in isolation but they brought a bunch of other VAs that are working for other brokers and they share their ideas and experiences and they utilize weekly meetings. And things where I’ve been stuck they’ve come back with a solution that they’ve brought from somebody else. That to me is valuable, that was a potential deal I might have lost. So I wouldn’t be looking for anywhere else personally.”