Case Study

Jackson Millan

Co-Founder and CEO
at Aureus Financial

Jackson, also known as The Wealth Mentor, is the co-founder and CEO of Aureus Financial. They are a wealth education and coaching business working with service-based business owners to help them remove their cash flow bottlenecks and turn their business profits into personal wealth. 

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Jackson knew that it is important for a financial advisory business to commoditise the backend of the process. With compliance, ever-changing regulations, and never-ending administrative work, the responsibility of a financial advisory business has increased. And Jackson didn’t want to pass on all of the increase in cost to service to their clients so he sought help offshore.

“I realized that if you want to deliver a highly valuable, high-touch service at a premium price point that provides us with a good margin we need to outsource. So prior to outsourcing, I had people in the back office locally obviously, it comes with a significant expense. With all the extra costs as a business owner for the amount of service we needed to provide, it just wasn’t economical.”

Maintaining A High-Touch Service Without Increase Operational Cost

Aureus Financial met a roadblock, maintaining a high-touch service whilst maintaining their value proposition. This couldn’t be achieved by having onshore back-office staff, but with outsourcing this is possible.

“We knew we needed to do something different. The biggest challenge was definitely maintaining a high-touch service. Finding the balance between running a profitable business with onshore back-office staff, it was really difficult and ultimately it wasn’t possible for the value proposition we’re trying to engage to be able to have completely onshore team members. So the specific challenge is that we wanted to deliver a particular service but we didn’t have the resources to do so.”

The Greatest Value

Outsourcing with Koruna Assist helped Jackson and his business reach the business heights they have right now. Their back-office is streamlined whilst their onshore staff focus on strategy and coaching clients. But the biggest result Jackson got from working with Koruna Assist, personally was getting an executive assistant he can trust.

“The biggest result for me personally was getting an executive assistant. I realized that I was the biggest bottleneck in the business and if I wanted to grow, I needed to create a capacity. Now, I think I have a lot of beliefs about the types of tasks that I could or I couldn’t outsource. I’ve managed my emails myself and on average, I spent 2-3 hours a day managing those emails. And when you do the math on it that’s a huge amount of time over the course of a year that I was wasting on low-value tasks. With your help, I’ve finally found the right executive assistant whom I could trust and since then I’ve now brought my email management down to 30 minutes a day. So that’s 720 hours a year that now’s safe and I can invest in growing and scaling my business.”

What Can Jackson Say To Other Financial Advisory Business Owners
Out There Considering To Outsource With Koruna Assist?

“Just do it! The key thing that you need to realize is that you can’t just outsource and hand it over and expect for it to work. I learned this the hard way. In many of my businesses over the years, we’ve tried to outsource and for a very long time, I had the belief that it didn’t work. I had so many instances of failed experiences until I met you. And it was when I actually understood the strategy, the process, finding the right people, making sure that we could have the right plan to be successful. And it actually started working so you can’t expect that you’re gonna hire somebody and leave them to their own devices. You need to be willing to invest time in it. But we now have hundreds of hours a week of resources that we otherwise wouldn’t have been available as a result of outsourcing. So if you want to scale your business, it’s the only way.”