Case Study

James Menezies

Managing Director of
Wealth Collective

James Menezies is the managing director of Wealth Collective. They have been up and running well since 2016. They help clients reach financial success with unbiased tailored financial advice.

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Before working with Koruna Assist, Wealth Collective was understaffed. James was doing a lot of his own research calls, and implementations instead of working on lead generation, client acquisition, and other income-generating tasks. He knew he needed to find a sustainable way to scale his business and stumbled across Koruna Assist.

“So we had a really good look through our systems, processes and wanted to get it set up in a sustainable way so we could scale it easier down the track. And we stumbled across Koruna Assist just having a chat with people about how they had found their outsourcing process. Booked in a meeting with you guys and the rest is history.”

Cost-Efficient Way of Building Your Team

The biggest roadblock for James to get started building his team was the cost. Wealth Collective was at its early stage back then and the cost was a big focus for them. James knew the benefits that a back-office team would bring to his business but he was hesitant to move forward. After a discussion with Koruna Assist, he was confident to keep the ball rolling and start building his team through a cost-efficient option, outsourcing.

“After having that first meeting with you, it gave us a lot of confidence to get the ball rolling and get things starting on that. And since having our first staff when we come on it has been a game-changer for us and it freed us so much time.”

Free Up Your Time From Low-value Tasks

Since onboarding, his first VA, James and his team have freed up so much time to focus on their core role responsibilities. Outsourcing his low-value tasks has taken a lot of the workload off his plate as far as implementation, research calls, and other time-consuming low-value tasks. He reinvested this freed up time into work ON the business rather than IN it by getting in front of as many clients as he can.

“Having my VA handle all of that has obviously freed up more of my time to stay with clients which is the real important revenue-generating activity.”

The Greatest Value

James gained a ton of value working with Koruna Assist but what stood out the most is Koruna Assist’s hiring and onboarding process.

“I love the work she was doing, and the way she operates. Koruna Assist helped us find the right person for the role we needed”

What Can James Say To Other Financial Advisory Business Owners
Out There Considering To Outsource With Koruna Assist?

“If you’re on it at least jump on a call or have a chat because for us it was quite eye-opening. It’s really nice to think about the way this business is structured. The moment the things you’ve been spending time on where you shouldn’t be that you could’ve been outsourcing. You delegate the value that adds so you can remove yourself from the day-to-day in the business that sorts of wastes your time. And transition into being the business owner again and taking control over the direction that takes your business with you is really powerful. So for us, it was costly to invest upfront but the dividends are paid. So I’ve been able to grow the business over the last 6 months and that’s been huge.”