Case Study

Rachael Hunter

Mortgage Broker
at Argentium Finance

Rachael Hunter is a mortgage broker who’s passionate about helping people and leaving a positive impact on them with good mortgage advice. Her business, Argentium Finance, focuses on helping divorcees get back on their feet financially.

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Before engaging with Koruna Assist, Rachael was hesitant to get more staff but she knew she couldn’t afford not to. A lot of her work as a mortgage broker is time-intensive and detail-oriented. To get the job done she had to sacrifice her free time and worked late nights. Because she was too occupied with the day-to-day tasks of the business, she wasn’t able to work on lead generation and depended on referrals and word of mouth to keep bringing in more business. She soon realised that to be able to live her vision of having quality time with her kids, she needed to offload hard repetitive tasks that are stalling her from making progress.

“I’d gotten into the job for the right reasons but the job had kind of taken over my life. The revenue was low, the hours of work were high and the outcome wasn’t necessarily the best for the client. I tried to wear too many hats and didn’t have good systems and places in place.”

Ethical Outsourcing Partner

Other than getting help with the administrative tasks, Rachael wanted to make sure that she was working with an ethical company. She wanted to ensure that hiring someone would also make a positive impact on their life, not just hers.

“I took that leap of faith because you were able to help me break down the areas that I needed support with. You were also able to identify what benefits my new staff member would have in terms of getting good wages compared to others in the industry. They would also have good support, and have a mentor program.”

The Greatest Value

After Argentium Finance outsourced with Koruna Assist, Rachael saw an improvement in her work-life balance, an increase in their monthly profit average, less lumpiness and more consistent regular work. Rachael was able to focus more on their clients; onboarding, and strategy season.

“My team and I have a much better work-life balance. We’ve also doubled our monthly profit averages and there’s less lumpiness, we’re getting more consistent regular work. I have more time to focus on the business.”

What Can Rachael Say To Other Financial Advisory Business Owners
Out There Considering To Outsource With Koruna Assist?

“Have a conversation with Koruna Assist to sort the things that you’re worried about, they’ll help you work through them with you. They’ll give you an understanding of what you need to do to free up your time.”