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Client Wins

Sam Panetta

Aureus Financial

Ben Ricketts

Rocket Wealth Management

Chris Brown

New Vision Financial

Jackson Millan

Aureus Financial

James Menezies

Wealth Collective

Neil Sonneveld

Mansfield Financial Planning

Rachael Hunter

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Ronald Pratap

RP Wealth Management


Jarrad Bleechmore

Qi Wealth has been using Koruna Assist for some time now and have been very impressed with the outcome and improvements to our workflows and administration. Petra has been brilliant in assisting our business and team to operate in a much more efficient manner. Very highly recommended!

James Menezies

Koruna Assist hit the ground running by taking a lot of the workload off my plate as far as implementation, research, calls and other low-value tasks. This obviously freed up heaps more of my time to see clients, which is the real important revenue-generating activity for the business

Chris Brown

Koruna Assist has a systematised process for recruitment and onboarding VAs. And what really shines through is VAs don’t work in isolation. They share ideas and experiences with other VAs working for other brokers through weekly meetings.

Jackson Millan

“Petra and the team at Koruna Assist have helped us revolutionize our back office and provide us with the capacity to scale our business quickly and effectively. Their focus on simplifying the delivery of customer work and providing us time to focus on what we do best has been game changing for us and we highly recommend them to any professional service business looking to grow and scale.”

Ben Ricketts

“Koruna Assist definitely made my life easier! Our VA helped us so much. When she started and got up to speed, it was a real game-changer for me. My stress load is not coming in as much.”

Yanyan Lim-Ronquillo

This company exceeds my expectation. Great People! Great Workplace! I appreciate the time and effort it takes to make sure employees are happy and love. I’ve finally found a place where I see my future. D’best company ever!!!???

Deze Maiy

Being a part of KA is rewarding. It’s a Great company to work with amazing people. They give employees a chance to experience Work-life balance. I’ve always enjoy the amazing Virtual Fun Friday activities with special give aways. I’ve also got the best team and Big Boss (Petra) to work with. ? #PROUDTOBELONG

Louella Heyrana

For two months of working here, I am so grateful that I was hired. Even though I am just new in this company, I could say that they truly care about their employees. In terms of benefits, it’s truly fantastic. The fun activity every Friday is such a nice thing for every employee, the job growth possibilities, and a great work/life balance. Everyone is super helpful and supportive of one another. In terms of crediting the salary, it really amazed me as they do it in advance always. Hoping to spend more months, years with this company with more learnings, more fun, and more skills to improve. Thank you, KA ❤️

Mae Rose Tan

The people working in KA are truly amazing. I can see their hearts and their passion for everything. Keep it up!

Mark Stephen Armenton

It has always been a great choice working with KA. KA really promotes work-life balance and great compensation you can’t imagine. The best part is you can spend your time with your family during Christmas and get paid at the same time. It has always been a privilege working with the awesome team. Encouraged my wife to be a member of the team as well. To Petra, can’t thank you enough for making me part of your team. Looking forward to spending more years with KA.

Lyndhel Racho

I’ve been with Koruna for just 3 months but I can’t feel that I’m a newbie as the staffs are all friendly and approachable. Respect and teamwork is there. P and the management listens to everyone’s suggestions and opinions as long as its for a betterment of the company as a whole. A good compensation package? Benefits? Prizes? Fun activities? Work-life balance? Well, we got it all here. ? With KA, you won’t feel alone or left-behind, everyone got your back and Im proud to be a part of this team ❤

Jeff Menesis Labrador

Not your typical BPO set-up, awesome perks, benefits, and compensation. Employees leave their employers on how they are being treated, which I never experienced before, however, the KA management listens to what we need and our concerns, they will always consider our suggestions and get back to us ASAP. Promotion is always a few steps away as long as you provide your everything and best performance and work-wise. I have been with an AU based employer but I have never experienced being paid on the 2 weeks Christmas Break. Payday is always ahead or on time, never experienced any delays. Imagine that! Thank you P & KA for helping myself to be always the best version of me.

Abigail Chance

The greatest dilemma I had when I considered transferring to Koruna was work environment because I’ve only been affiliated with one company since graduation, but to my surprise the warmth and approachability of the entire team exceded my expectations. Everyone is just a chat away if you would ever need help. Aside from the welcoming atmosphere, the management ensures that their employees are well equiped with knowledge and tools expertise before endorsing them to the clients for quality service. I’m so happy to be part of a company which highlights quality service without compromising the well-being of their employees.

Caroline Joy

The greatest dilemma I had when I considered transferring to Koruna was work environment because I’ve only been affiliated with one company since graduation, but to my surprise the warmth and approachability of the entire team exceded my expectations. Everyone is just a chat away if you would ever need help. Aside from the welcoming atmosphere, the management ensures that their employees are well equiped with knowledge and tools expertise before endorsing them to the clients for quality service. I’m so happy to be part of a company which highlights quality service without compromising the well-being of their employees.

Max Dela Peña

Have no experience working in the outsourcing industry, but P and the rest of the team made sure to teach me from scratch. Grateful for the trust, support, and fun people to work with! ?

Kevin Smith

Petra and her team are highly knowledgeable in helping you with offshore staff members. Her workaround process mapping is second to none and could be implemented for local teams as well.
Her staff are warm and friendly and came to me highly recommended. I would inturn do the same

Rodjim Arriesgado

KA has given me the opportunity to showcase my potential and create opportunities for me to grow and become a great finance professional.

Jake Taylor

I have engaged Petra to help take my business to the next level. Her ability to provide solutions and optimise my workflow has been fantastic. She is patient and very understanding and I can feel that she genuinely cares. You would be silly not to speak to Petra and the team at Koruna Assist. Would Recommend 10/10!!

Ronald Pratap

Petra and her team have been a great addition to my business. Having my administration, document management and customer service handled by professionals allows me to not get bogged down and focus on new clients. This service is highly recommended for anyone looking to grow their business,

Sam Panetta

Petra is a phenomenal leader and Koruna is the best outsourcing firm in the industry. The growth we have achieved in our business could not have been done without the team at Koruna. The staff are truly dedicated to our business vision and are integral to the day to day success in our operations. Highly recommended!

Jane Cameron

Koruna Assist is the best company any employee could ask for. Awesome benefits, work-life balance is 100% there, a team of amazing and fun individuals and a chill workplace. What I like most about working in KA is I feel trusted, heard, valued, appreciated and that my efforts don’t go unnoticed and the fact that our job gives us the opportunity to have a positive impact on our clients’ lives, it’s very rewarding and meaningful. And Petra is simply amazing. She genuinely cares about us as a family. She knows everyone’s names and background because she really takes the time to sit and have a conversation. ?

Jo Lanorias Dacara

A workplace where cultural diversity is highly accepted and employees are treated like family. ❤️ There’s no place like KORUNA ASSIST. #KorunaAsOne

Jovy Anciano

I am very happy working with Koruna Assist. This company is indeed a great workplace. I am also thankful that I have an amazing workmates and P is very kind and approachable.

Airsea Rona

I am very happy to be an employee of Koruna Assist, I didn’t regret for praying hard to become one. The support is exceptional. Though we are temporarily working from home, feels like we are right next to each other. In addition, the officers are always making sure everything is right and working well. Can’t wait to see everyone in the team soon. Thank you so much P and to my KA Family!

Kharla Kae

Great workplace and benefits. Extraordinary team and P is amazing

Kymkatellah Manuel Jr.

Shout out to Koruna Assist!!! I’ve been with KA for almost 7 mos as an FPA and even since day 1 at work, I always feel the warmness, respect, fun, and the hospitality of all the KA Staffs. You will feel no pressure as you will get all the support and camaraderie amongst each other.
With KA you will receive a great compensation package, exciting benefits, and a 2 weeks paid Christmas off. Also, KA promotes work-life balance, employee engagement, and a stress-free atmosphere. That is why I am happy, proud, and honored to be part of the KA Family. More power and success to Miss P and Koruna Assist. KA is a highly recommended employer!!! You will surely love working here.

Sheng Carabuena

A friend of mine is applying as part of the KA Fam and she asked me this: What do you love the most about Koruna Assist?
And my answer is this:
What I love the most about Koruna is P. We called Petra as P.
Petra will always listen to our suggestions for the betterment of the company and she’s very open to implement it, she puts her trust in us in the Culture Team in terms of the employee engagement, to have a fun-filled working environment and to achieve the work life balance we all want. Not all CEOs are approachable like her and P is one of a kind. Thank you, P!

Rachael Hunter

I would like to say a huge thank you to Petra Nov and the entire team of Koruna Assist
I have been a mortgage broker for over 12 years, and I have seen a significant increase in the time it takes to process a loan from submission to approval, both with the post GFC compliance requirements and more recently with the Royal Commission
I have been keen to grow my business and my team and I have been unable to do this, purely because I have to write a high volume of loans to afford more support, but I need more support to write more loans! It is an eternal battle for brokers and many in the finance industry
I met with Petra late last year and she outlined her philosophy of having the best pay and conditions as well as the happiest staff and lowest turn-over
She gave me many options in relation to hiring VA support and basically, she gave me the courage to hire a full time assistant (at approximately 25% of the cost in Australia)
She delved deeply into my business requirements and then went out to market and hand picked my VA from the applications that were submitted
Jane has been with us for over 6 months and she has been the best financial investment I have ever made
I am writing far more business now than I was 6 months ago because I now have the time to work on the business and I can leave the back-end processing to my Australian based EA and to my Offshore VA
My aim was always to mentor and train Australian Female Brokers, but I have been unable to manage this as a result of having to manage the processing
I cannot recommend Koruna Assist enough, the team are great at supporting the induction and due to their fabulous skill set my employee is well supported and very content
We plan on growing our team to 2 offshore VA’s soon and none of this would be possible without the increased administration support
I don’t have to worry about sick pay, holiday pay, or any of the other financial commitments of a full time staff member, that is all handled by Petra and her team, I just have to come to work and do what I love most
Helping people!!

Rami Fahmy

Truely professional with a strong focus on risk management. These guys will help grow your business

G. Duffy

Petra has been the main person I have dealt with over the time and she has been outstanding with her knowledge of the day to day goings on with all the back of office dealings at the business. Petra is always available to answer questions and assist with everything within the business. I would have no hesitation in recommending.

D Leigh

I’ve always found Petra to be polite and courteous and She always follows-up any requests promptly and in an efficient manner.

Jackson Millan

Over the 3 years I worked with Petra, I attribute a majority to my success in business to her ability to help me deliver on my promise to my clients. Working with her allowed me to achieve 400% over 3 years, win 6 x national awards including adviser of the year and reduce the attrition rate of my client base to less than 2% per annum. I cannot recommend Petra highly enough.

Sam Panetta

Petra is outstanding! The depth of her knowledge and her ability to take action in systemising the operations of a business is second to none.