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4 Ways To Rekindle Your Passion For Your Business

No matter how passionate you are about your business, doing something everyday might bore you and even worse, come to hate it. Your burning passion for your business burns out if you are working around the clock, and only taking breaks when you have scheduled time with friends and family, never alone. And when you do find yourself with free time to read a book or an article about business like this one, you stop and a realization hits you,
“Why do I feel unhappy with the job I once loved and created for myself?”

Maybe you’ll realize that you’re burning out or a loved one will have to call you out because you are not being yourself. You’re afraid to take a break because your business can’t go on a day without you. So how do you fix this problem and rekindle your passion for your business?

  1. Remove yourself from the day-to-day work of your business
    You need to remove yourself from the day-to-day work of your business like administration work, follow-ups, research calls, and chasing documents. Stick to the ones that make you feel like a champion. If you are a mortgage broker or a financial advisor, try to stay off administrative tasks as possible and work on your core role responsibilities like getting in front of as many clients as you can to onboard them or do strategies with them.
  2. Schedule personal time to recharge
    Don’t forget to block a time on your calendar for yourself to recharge. You can spend this time doing your hobbies, going to the gym, catching up with friends or reading that book you’ve been meaning to. This helps you get back to work with your 100% energy and ready to take on new business challenges ahead.
  3. Find love outside your business
    Distance makes the heart grow fonder. This doesn’t only apply to love for your partner but also your love for your business. Take a step away from your business once in a while to find something you enjoy doing aside from your business. It might be learning how to cook, exercising, reading or writing fiction, or travelling. Unplugging from your business can help you recharge your energy, making you more creative to come up with new innovative solutions.
  4. Delegate parts of your business
    Consider delegating your repetitive tasks to someone else on your team. This may mean hiring someone new and if your business is relatively new, the cost that comes with it might stagnate your business cost. That’s where outsourcing comes in to be the cost-efficient option of building your team. You may be tempted to keep working on your tasks yourself but the long term effects just lead to burnout, low business productivity, low quality of service and a lower business capacity.

By outsourcing, you are taking care of yourself by getting the heavy lifting off your shoulders, and your business by bringing your focus and energy to the tasks that are going to help you push your business forward.

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