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A Short Guide In Improving Your Business Productivity

As a business owner, it’s easy to get distracted by distractions and low-value tasks in our day-to-day routine of running a company. But we need to remind ourselves that completing menial tasks is often just a distraction from completing important tasks. If we don’t prioritize what matters most for us and our business then these other things will quickly become more time-consuming than they are worth. It can be hard sometimes not getting caught up with these endless hours of mindless work or being so busy trying everything at once when all you want is some peace of mind…but have no fear. There is a way to avoid this pitfall. 

By shifting our mindset and taking an active approach this can be possible.


  • Clear out what’s not necessary

As a business owner, all these low-value tasks take away our energy, productivity, and joy out of our lives. It prevents us from using our valuable resources to those things that matter the most. To get out of this trap of unproductivity, we need to focus on the work that matters the most. But doing so in this world full of distractions can be quite a challenge. You can start by segregating your tasks into two categories; low-value and high-value tasks and then, focus on tasks that bring the most value to your business. 


  • Create an action plan

To be successful in business, you need to know how and when it is best to take things off your plate. Make a morning routine of categorizing tasks by importance so that you can focus on high-value projects like meeting prospects or completing important presentations throughout the day.

Here are some tips that can help you stay focused:

    • Play to your strengths. Start a new project by taking into consideration that it aligns with both your purpose and business goals, in addition to considering if you are the right person for this task or not given what skillsets you have available at hand. Think about delegating tasks that fall outside of what would be considered an individual’s expertise as well as playing upon their strengths when starting any kind of endeavour so they can get more done within desired time frames without becoming bogged down by constantly doing things over again because others cannot do them correctly.
    • Automate. Why spend all your time doing the same tasks over and over again when you could be focusing on growing your business? Automation tools will save both money and headaches for low-value, high-frequency jobs that every successful company needs to get done.
    • Delegate. You need to stop trying to do everything on your own and know when it is time for delegation. Delegating tasks will allow you the opportunity of optimizing even more outcomes, gives employees a chance they deserve in making meaningful contributions and helps with back-office workflows that are troublesome or consuming too much time. Koruna Assist can help delegate low-value tasks while giving our team the ability to focus on what we love as well!
    • Learn how to say no. Saying no to low-value tasks is an important skill for any leader. You have to be mindful of your limits and know when you’ve taken on too much.


Experiment with different techniques to find out what works best for your business. Once you’ve done that, free up time by outsourcing the back-office tasks so you can focus on scaling and growing!

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