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Building Your Dream Business Through Outsourcing

Lots of entrepreneurs were once employers who quit their 9-5 jobs because they saw an opportunity to use their expertise to start their own business. But what most don’t realize is that being a business owner isn’t just about being an expert technician. There are certain tasks you can’t handle or just don’t have the right skills to do so. 

So where to go from here? 

Outsourcing can help you build a better business while you focus on what you do best. 

For tenured entrepreneurs, outsourcing isn’t new. It has been around for a while. But the difference today is that technology has made it even more accessible for small businesses. 

There are several ways outsourcing can help your business but here are the most common ones shared by entrepreneurs who choose to outsource: 


  • Saving cost

Labour and operational costs are some of the biggest reasons that businesses outsource. With hiring local talents, you are required to provide salaries, all required benefits, and workspaces for your team to be able to do their jobs. 

As a small business, this might hurt your business budget more and may stagnate your business growth. Outsourcing gives you a cost-efficient way to build your team. 


  • Bring your focus back on the core business

Business owners who deny the importance of delegating tasks and stick to multitasking, lead themselves and their team into a mess that can take a toll on their work-life balance and lead to poor productivity. 

To be able to grow your business, you need to realise how vital task delegation is. Proper tasks delegation can help you boost your and your in-house staff’s productivity. Offloading administrative tasks can help the team focus on their core responsibilities which you hired them for.

By sticking to what you’re good at and outsourcing the rest, your business can move towards your business goal. 


  • The right approach to outsourcing

“But I tried outsourcing before and it didn’t work.”

There are several business owners out there who have tried outsourcing before and had their own bad experiences. 

But what you have to realise is that outsourcing tasks aren’t going to work alone. You need to commit to training your outsourced staff to your business systems and processes. Communicate your expectations, their tasks, train (or provide training videos), and keep providing regular feedback. 


To ensure that you outsource your tasks successfully, you need to have a reliable outsourcing partner. Look for the ones that have a good record on onboarding quality VAs, good customer service, and lastly, someone whom you can trust.

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Case Study:

Chris Brown is a Director and Senior Mortgage Broker at New Vision Financial Services. He runs a Sydney based mortgage brokerage that’s servicing clients since 2015.

Case Study:

Sam Panetta is a co-founder and the head of the lending department at Aureus Financial. His business helps clients get the funding that they need to grow their business, acquire their dream home and build wealth through property.

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