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Business Owner’s Pursuit Of Happiness

It’s safe to assume that all of us are in pursuit of happiness. We continue to grind in our business because we want to achieve the happiness that sticks with us today and in the days to come. Otherwise, who would work so tirelessly at getting what they always wanted? Whether we’re building our dream business, looking forward to retirement or finally taking trips around the world as one big family, we’ve goals to achieve. 

You started your entrepreneurial journey to work on something important and find your passion. At first, everything was great, you were helping clients and accumulating wealth that will help you bring those goals into a reality. But when months come and life gets repetitive as ever before, some days feel like they’re just too much even for someone who loves their job. Or maybe even worse, it can lead to burnout. 

Gone are the days when you were excited about coming to work and you’re too busy to stop and see what went wrong. But I’m here to tell you that you are not alone and there is still hope. Most business owners have been in your situation, even the ones you looked up to. They had their moments where they’re stuck at a crossroad but look at where they are now. They built their empire by doing what they love. Take the time to step back and prioritise yourself, so you can be the business owner your business needs. 


  • Create a job you love

You choose to take on the entrepreneurial path because you want to do what you do best on your terms. Starting your own business is risky, but it can also be a great way to create an environment where you have control over what happens day-to-day. Setting up the right culture for each employee and yourself will make all of the difference in how fulfilled they feel while on the job.


  • Don’t stretch yourself thin

When you stretch yourself too thin, it’s not just bad for your business but also brings up health issues. Crunching your time or carrying too much workload can take a toll on all aspects of life: from work to personal relationships and even our happiness. Putting pressure on ourselves by carrying impossible-to-fill load results in unhappiness, lack of creativity, and even panic attacks! 

To prevent this from happening (and be happier!) we need to learn which tasks we can delegate out and how – there is no shame in asking for help; it should always be encouraged! You have got to stick with what you do best while taking care of the other things that are easier outsourced if necessary.


  • Remove yourself from day-to-day work

You know that feeling you get when your work is done and there’s nothing to do but wait for everyone else? That kind of dread, the one where it feels like each day will last forever because all you can think about are how many tasks still need doing. You don’t have to live with this sensation anymore! Outsourcing some or even all of these tedious chores means more time spent on what matters, growing a business and spending quality time outside of the workplace. Don’t let yourself be consumed by monotony; find love in other places besides at home!

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Case Study:

Chris Brown is a Director and Senior Mortgage Broker at New Vision Financial Services. He runs a Sydney based mortgage brokerage that’s servicing clients since 2015.

Case Study:

Sam Panetta is a co-founder and the head of the lending department at Aureus Financial. His business helps clients get the funding that they need to grow their business, acquire their dream home and build wealth through property.

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