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How Can Koruna Assist Make the Difference in Your Business?

As a broker, your time is a valuable asset. So when it comes to seeking support, the traditional options for hiring Virtual Assistants (VAs) can leave you with more concerns than solutions. Whether it’s dealing with clueless VA from regular agencies or working with unreliable freelancers, the path to efficiency isn’t always clear.

But at Koruna Assist, we make a difference! Here are three ways getting your virtual admin assistant with us might just be the biggest positive change waiting to happen in your business.

1. Personalised Training and Development

Let’s face it: getting a VA under regular agencies or hiring freelancers often leads to frustration. You might end up with a VA who lacks an understanding of mortgage broking specifics or excels only in administrative tasks. Freelancers? They might bring uncertainty – from recruitment to reliability. But Koruna Assist offers a different approach.

Your journey with us begins with a tailored discovery call where we delve deep into your needs. Once on board, your selected VA undergoes an intensive 4-week training period that aligns with your business requirements. You won’t have to deal with a complete newbie; you’ll be greeted by a highly-trained VA who’s ready to drive your business forward from day one.

But it doesn’t end there. Our support continues with ongoing assistance, monthly training, dedicated Team Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, and a seamless replacement process if your current VA may need to part ways with the company.

2. Seamless Management

Managing a VA shouldn’t be a source of stress, but the conventional route often demands extensive background checks, equipment sourcing, and the constant worry of technical glitches. Here’s where Koruna Assist simplifies your virtual working experience.

Our VAs undergo thorough vetting, ensuring reliability and trustworthiness. Additionally, we take care of equipping your VA with the necessary tools and applications, including essential communication platforms like Zoom, Google Suites, or Microsoft Office. If you’re concerned about technical issues, we have dedicated full-time IT support and computer monitoring to ensure security, and uninterrupted work, and monitor the efficiency of our VAs during working hours.

We know also that paying super and providing local benefits to an in-house staff is a must, and it’s no different for a virtual staff. The catch is, we’ll take care of that for you for less than half the cost! Your VA will be provided with HR benefits such as HMO, leave credits, and more, to ensure that they are satisfied, productive, and well-taken care of. A happy employee is a productive employee, after all!

3. ISO-Certified Excellence

Have you considered the impact of ISO certification on your mortgage broking business? It’s not just a fancy label – it’s often a requirement from aggregators and lenders. This means that ignoring this aspect while working with uncertified freelancers or agencies can jeopardise your licence! This is where Koruna Assist makes a vital difference.

By partnering with us, you can ensure that your business is in good hands. Not only will you get a VA that knows your business inside out, but you’ll work with an ISO-certified organisation with the highest quality standards when it comes to managing your mortgage broking business.

A virtual assistant is more than just an “assistant” – they’re an integral part of your success story. And this is where our tailored training, hands-on management, and ISO certification come together so you could focus on what matters most in your business. With us, you’re not just hiring an assistant – you’re gaining a partner who’s as invested in your success as you are!

Looking to experience the Koruna Assist difference? Book a call today and let’s explore all the possibilities to grow your business!

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