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How To Make Time For Your Loved Ones and Business Without Compromise

You are not just a business owner, a mortgage broker or a financial advisor or a wealth manager, you are a parent, a partner, a family member, and a friend. You have a life outside of your business. Like most of us, one of the reasons you took the entrepreneurial path is to gain more control over your time and spend time with your loved ones.

But every business owner knows how demanding running a business can be. It’s a lot of work. Sometimes even the best of us end up working more hours than the average employee. And it’s even worse when your business is in the growth phase. You’ll end up working over 40 hours per week, sometimes you’ll work for 60-80 hours a week leaving you with no time to spend with your loved ones.

Now, you want to change that. You wouldn’t want to spend more holidays sitting in front of your computer working. You want to spend quality time with them. But how do you do that without compromising your business? Read on to find out how.


Schedule a family time and stick to it

There is no point in scheduling a day off to spend time with your loved ones when you won’t follow through with it. 

Put your 100% when you’re at work and focus on spending quality time with your loved ones when you are with them. But how do you do this when you can’t get your head off your unfinished work? You take the time to map out your tasks, automate the ones you can, delete the ones that don’t add any value, and delegate them properly to your team. 


Delegating tasks through outsourcing

Delegating tasks seems the obvious solution for business owners who are carrying responsibilities more than they can. But to a young business, the cost that comes with onboarding more staff may stagnate the growth of the business. That’s where outsourcing comes in. It’s a cost-efficient way to build your team and take the heavy lifting off your shoulders, so you can have more time outside your business to spend time with your loved ones. 


Work Smarter

The key to managing your time better is to work smarter. You need to be able to have the availability and energy to decide when to spend time on other important aspects of your life.

Make your workday more efficient by blocking your schedule, limiting checking your email to a few times per day, and cutting out tasks and activities that don’t add value to your end goal.

Balancing your business with time for family and loved ones is a common struggle for most business owners. And it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to choose between your business and your loved ones, you can prioritise both with proper time management and task delegation.

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