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Looking to onboard your VA? Here’s how Koruna Assist can help!

So you’ve made the right choice of hiring a VA to focus on growing your business. Getting one sounds like a big step, and it’s normal to be unsure about the process. But here’s the deal: we got your back! We’re here to make your VA onboarding as seamless as possible. Let’s dive in on what you can do to prepare your VA for onboarding while we take care of the rest.

The Koruna Assist Difference

At Koruna Assist, we understand the concerns brokers feel when hiring a VA. The thought of training, integrations, and aligning a new team member with your business objectives seems like an uphill battle. This is exactly why we’ve crafted our onboarding process to be smooth, simple, and easy, removing all the complexities typically associated with hiring and training a VA. Let’s take a closer look at our process:

1. Discovery Call

We’ll kick things off with a discovery call. This is our way of getting to know you and your needs better. Then, we’ll craft a training program tailored for you while giving you all the info you need when it comes to availing our services.

2. Meeting the Candidates

Once we’ve got a clear picture of what you need, the real work begins – finding the right fit! We’ll put together a perfect set of candidates for you to consider. This is your chance to have conversations, ask questions, and choose the VA that fits your business needs.

3. Training and Onboarding

The selected VA undergoes a comprehensive 4-week training program. By the end of this period, your VA will be well-equipped to work alongside you seamlessly, getting familiar with all the tools and processes needed for mortgage broking and admin tasks.

You can set up your VA just like any other full-time assistant – providing them with your company email address, and using a tool like LastPass so you can share account details without actually sharing credentials. If you have any documented processes that could help your VA, that’s a plus! You can use screen recording tools like Loom for walkthrough videos, or Google Docs if you prefer to have a written process. If not, we can still help you get the most out of your VA.

4. The Transition Phase

You can keep in touch with your VA via multiple applications – Zoom for video meetings, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams for chats, or Dial Pad if you want to have direct and faster phone calls with your VA. Don’t worry, we will still be with you in the transition phase and beyond – if you need any help, we offer ongoing support to ensure that everything will work out for you and your business.

As we wrap up, keep in mind that the process of hiring and onboarding a VA doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ll take the stress out of onboarding your VA, so you can grow a mortgage broking business with more time to do what matters most – growing your business and achieving that work-life balance.

Ready to greet your VA and streamline your workload? Get in touch today and let us help with hassle-free VA onboarding!

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