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Why You Should Focus on Your Health to Grow Your Business

A lot of entrepreneurs nowadays are so wrapped in the hustle culture, a culture of working harder and longer in pursuit of business success. Although this helped some entrepreneurs achieve business success, it’s not sustainable at all. Hustling harder and longer may lead to a catastrophic toll on our health and future ventures.

From a health perspective, hustle culture is a health hazard waiting to happen. Working 80 hours or more a week leads to poor concentration and high levels of stress. We need to focus on our health to perform our best and reach our business goals.

Here are reasons why you should focus on your health to grow your business;


A Good Night Sleep Improves Productivity and Reduces Errors

Sleep doctors suggest that we all get between seven to nine hours of sleep per night and if we get less than that, trouble can start. A study from the RAND Corporation found that lack of sleep causes the average person to lose approximately 11 days of productivity per year. For business owners, this could mean losing profits and potential growth for your business.  


A Healthy Diet Improves Performance 

Most of us tend to underplay the tremendous effects of our diet on our productivity. But this isn’t anything new. The World Health Organization has published work that indicates eating a balanced diet raises productivity levels by around 20 per cent. That’s the equivalent of an extra day every week working.


Exercise helps boost productivity 

This should come as no surprise at all. Indulging in physical activity offers better mental well-being, improved overall health and lower stress levels. A growing body of research has proven exercise’s profound effects on productivity.

For instance, a study from the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that worker productivity was 72 per cent higher on days when participants exercised compared to those on days they didn’t.


Focus your energy on things that matter

As a business leader, you need to learn how to prioritise your time and energy to high-value tasks. But how will you do that when you are too caught up with administrative work to keep your business running? Outsourcing. You need to bring the focus back on your core business process. Do what you best and outsource the rest.


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