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Double Your Bandwidth as a Mortgage Broker with This One Simple Strategy

Are you a mortgage broker feeling overwhelmed with a never-ending stream of paperwork, client meetings, and administrative tasks? Do you often find yourself wishing for more hours in the day to tackle your workload effectively?

This is actually a common challenge many mortgage brokers face – managing their time efficiently while striving to provide exceptional service to their clients. But what many don’t realize is that there is one simple solution to this problem. A solution that gives you more time to focus on the essential aspects of your business while giving you more time back for yourself and for your loved ones!

The Problem: Efficiency Challenges in the Mortgage Broker Industry

Being a mortgage broker comes with its own set of challenges. The mortgage industry is fast-paced, and it’s no surprise if you find yourself juggling multiple clients, applications, and deadlines simultaneously, overall affecting your productivity and quality of work, risking negative impacts on your reputation and business.

The Solution: Getting a Highly-Skilled, Highly-Trained Virtual Assistant

Loan processing consists mostly of various admin tasks, and while you’re used to doing it all the time, taking control of everything could hurt you and your business in the long run. By entrusting your low-value admin tasks to a skilled, ISO-certified assistant, you’ll never have to worry about the entire process – from preparing documents, following up with clients, or tracking applications – everything will be covered!

Not yet ready to delegate your tasks? Here’s how to let go of wearing all the hats and start focusing on the things that matter most.

What does a VA do?

A virtual assistant is a remote professional who can work efficiently as if they’re always beside you, handling a wide range of tasks. From handling administrative duties to coordinating with clients and lenders, your VA will be adept at managing the skeletal aspects of your business, allowing you to work 3-4x a week and come back without your business burning to the ground.

Why hiring VAs is an effective business strategy

Outsourcing has become increasingly popular across industries, and the mortgage broking industry is no exception. By leveraging the expertise of virtual assistants, you can optimize your business operations in several ways.

First, a VA allows you to focus on high-value tasks and client relationships. Rather than getting bogged down by paperwork or data entry, you can concentrate on nurturing leads, building connections, and providing personalized guidance to your clients.

What’s more, employing VAs is a cost-effective solution compared to directly hiring a freelancer or an in-house staff. With VAs, you can access a pool of talented professionals without the additional costs associated with employee benefits, training, and office space. This flexibility enables you to scale your business efficiently while keeping overheads in check.

Remember: Make sure to get one from an ISO-certified agency, or you could risk losing your license! Not sure where to find one? Here’s how you can find a high-quality one that is ISO Certified.

How exactly can a VA help my mortgage broking business?

When it comes to loan processes, here’s a detailed guide to how an expert VA could help:

Lead stage

Data entry: Entering client details into CRM and extracting all necessary client information.


Loan Structuring: Forwarding Credit Guide and Credit Proposal to clients for checking.

Collection of Supporting Documents: Your VA could follow up with clients if there are any additional supporting documents needed for the loan application.

Compliance: Your VA will work alongside you to complete all the necessary documents for the loan application, such as the Credit Guide, Proposal, and Application Form.

Submission Stage

Data entry: Saving and filing the loan application via AOL, ensuring that all requirements are met before sending it to you and your client.

Other tasks will consist of:

  • Order Valuation and Pricing review (if needed)
  • Income analysis
  • Updating servicing calculator
  • Living expense analysis


Loan Update: Your VA will take note of the lender’s processing times and check its progress for any updates.

Follow-up with clients: If there are still any missed or additional documents required by the lender, your VA will be in charge of following up with your clients.


Loan Offer Documents and Certification: Once the loan is formally approved, your VA will coordinate with you to see if clients have received, signed, and posted back the LOD to the lender, and follow up with the lender to see if the documents have been received and when can it be certified.

Updating clients: Your VA will update you and your client once the lender has confirmed that the application is booked for settlement, and confirmed if both parties are ready.

Post-settlement and aftercare

Your VA will follow up with clients if there are further assistance needed and will remind you about the expiration of repayment.

If you want to double your bandwidth and achieve new levels of productivity, adding virtual assistants to your business strategy is a game-changer. And to ensure seamless integration of VAs into your business, it’s vital to consider outsourcing to a reliable and ISO-certified agency. Don’t wait any longer— implementing this simple solution might just be the only step you need!

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